Monday, April 20, 2009

Descending into the belly of the beast!

As a person vehemently opposed to anything trendy I have suddenly had the desire to keep in contact with old friends and my family thus I am succumbing to something I swore I would never do…. Blog…. But seeing as I swore I would never watch the Gilmore Girls (now I’ve seen every episode and love the show even though it is over… Still hate the daughter though) or Desperate Housewives (still think it’s highly unrealistic and don’t care for many of the plot lines, somehow the men seem to be the good ones in a show about women, probably sexist male writers ;^p) join Facebook and probably every other trendy thing there is. I still don’t like Hello Kitty or Pokemon though so I guess I keep some principles.

Lately I have just been feeling like it’s about time you really grow-up, like really, and get some friends other than your xbox. Now before you get to thinking all I do is play video games all day that is not the case. I probably haven’t played a single video game in over three weeks so I’m not an addict. But I was thinking ‘I’m wasting my time!” there are better things to do with my life! I can play with Hobbes more, spend time with my wife more, and we can all see our friends!

My wife has been blogging for awhile now so I decided to give my perspective on things since I often have too many opinions as it is. Now I can share them with more people than just my wife.